Monday, September 28, 2009


I write to tell.

I write to speak.

I write to express.

The hell, I just write what's on my heart and mind.



I'm sorry Mama. I love you. -Nadz

Just this morning, I passed by Mama's newly made and decorated Christmas Tree. Yes, Christmas Tree. I know that it's too early to have a Christmas Tree, but we already have one.

This is the only year where we will celebrate the spirit of Christmas early. And that newly made and decorated Christmas Tree is a sign of it. This coming Yuletide season will be one the happiest moments that our family will be celebrating after 10 long years. My father will, at last, celebrate Christmas with us. And I really feel happy and excited about it.

Anyways, why am I saying sorry to my Mama here is because...I dropped the Christmas Tree.

It fell. The decoration was ruined. And because I was in a hurry this morning, I wasn't able to say sorry to Mama, and i really feel bad about it. The sad part was, it happened in front of her. She saw how it fell to the floor.

It wasn't exactly broken or somethin'. But the fact that she already decorated it, that must've been frustrating in her part. huhu.

I'm so sorry Mama. Hope I can make it up to you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The grasses

They have grown

Dancing and jubilant.


Written above is a haiku, a form of Japanese poetry. I have learned about this in our two-day seminar titled "Our pen. Our life. Our sword." last September 20-21, 2009. I guess it's a good thing to blog out my learning in that seminar.

Anyways, i'll explain the haiku above.

In my almost three-year stay in The NORSUnian or TN, the institution which I have learned to love and cherish, I have noticed a lot of changes in me, in us. This is not a matter of 'pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko' but it is really true that a lot of things have changed in the publication...for good.

Not all Norsunians know that last year was one of the lowest points of TN. A lot of unexpected things happened. We were not able to publish for almost a semester. Some people, greedy as they are in nature, made ways to hamper the weekly publication of the paper. But, unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, they did not succeed.

Well, maybe they did. But it was just for a short span of time.

The battle which we thought has already ended, persisted. Just recently, TN faced another challenge. The people, who once hampered our weekly publication, struck again. And again, unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, they lost.

We know that they will continue to strike. And we, journalists as we are, will continue to fight for what we think is right. The publication which they once thought as an easy opponent will no longer allow them to stop it from voicing out what the students of this institution should know.

Though they have thrown us a lot problems last year, the people who once challenged us deserve a thank you. Yes, I think they deserve it. They taught us to fight fairly, though others do not. They taught us to stand up with what we think is right.

When they will strike again, that I don't know. But one thing is for sure, We will be ready for the next battle. We have learned our lesson, and we will not let them hamper us again.

We have won over them twice already. And we will not hesitate to do it for the third time...

and for the fourth...

for the fifth...

for the sixth...

until they totally vanish in our way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Untitled sah ni...

I guess this is just me being selfish.

Yes, I know. We don’t own you. We don’t have the right to interfere in whatever decisions you have in life.

It’s just that things here will not be the same without you. It will never be the same.

I guess I was just choked by my expectations. I expected that you will stay longer. I expected and anticipated that you will stay until ‘it’ ends. And suddenly, you tell me (and some) that you….

Hayz… I can’t tell you how sad I am because of that decision you’ve made. But then again, I can’t tell you what I feel about it because you might change your mind. You might not pursue that decision. And I don’t want you to just stay because of us.

Of course, you know that I always want what’s best for you and for your happiness. And if you think that that decision will make you happy, then go! Find your happiness, for your happiness is also our happiness.

For now, this is what I can say. I have to keep my mouth shut.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

That RAT!

Argh....I hate her.

Yesterday, we had our College Fun Day. Oh, may i correct that? I guess I can call it College MISERY Day after that RAT ruined that supposed to be enjoyable day for us.

Well, well, well...who am I talking about here is our one-big-supportive department head. She and her husband, the f*cker-monster, ruined it all!

Wanna know why i call her the RAT? Well here's the story.

Just a while ago, Arianne and I went to a movie house. Before we went there, I bought me seven munchkins and softdrink which I placed just beside my seat. As we waited for the movie to start, we chatted about anything under the sun.

We were enjoying our conversation when a big rat passed by. Arianne told me that she even lifted her feet because she saw that it was too big. Funny...because as I turned to grab a munchkin, I was shocked to see that the plastic of munckins was moving.

The RAT took all my munchkins, leaving me with nothing but only the softdrink. She even took the plastic with her.

And so, that's it that's how I got the idea of calling our department head a RAT. Just like the rat, mudawat ra siya'g limpyo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Music illiteracy

Have we really lost our knowledge in music?

Just this morning in my Humanities class, our professor invited a guest speaker. The guest speaker talked about music, music, and nothing but music. And as a music lover, of course, I got interested in the discussion.

But it wasn't really the topic that captured my interest; it was his introduction that hooked me. "We are now suffering from music illiteracy." That was what he said in our class. And that made me the present generation really undergoing 'music illiteracy'?

In my Philosophy class, I have learned that there is only one concrete answer in every yes-or-no question. Obviously, it's either 'yes' or 'no'. But, I guess this one is an exception because honestly...

If we would really observe the music nowadays, we will notice that not all songs are worth listening for. No offense meant to some music fanatic out there. (Anyways, I guess no one will be offended 'cause I'm not stating any specific music genre here.)

I admit that I'm a certified music lover. But it doesn't mean that I appreciate any kind of music. I mean, it depends on the kind of music, and sometimes, it also depends on the accompanied lyrics.

Let me state this as an example. Just three weeks ago my brother sang this new song from a new group of rappers discovered through the internet via It was a really nice song; the kind of song which they call 'singable'. It has a pretty nice beat. As he was singing the song, my mother came in and heard him.

"Are you insulting your sisters?" That's what she said. And it made me think. No matter how beautiful the beat of the song is, one cannot fully appreciate it if its lyrics is not that nice. And, vice-versa.

And honestly, there are a lot of songs in the present that are of this kind.

Well, I just hope that no matter how long the time will change, we will not lose our knowledge in music and will continue to love it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missing You

"I miss the point of death!"
-Hana Yori Dango's Gu Jun Pyo
to Geum Jan Di

No matter how i try to forget you and totally erase you in my mind, your face and voice keep lingering on me.

I hate to say this but i really hate this feeling. I hate it because I always lose. I hate it because my brain can't win over my heart. I hate it because when it comes to this 'feeling' I'm a loser, and I think I'll always be.

Well, maybe this is what love is all about...LOSING. Perhaps, one day, i'll also win, and will totally forget my feelings for you. Perhaps....

How i wish we were Geum Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo. We would've had a happy ending despite the challenges and hindrances. Both of us would've won. But then, we're not them. We're different persons, and we have a different story.

Well, if i'll summarize this write-up, isa lang naman ang gustong tumbukin nito, e.

One thing: I MISS YOU... (And just like Gu Jun Pyo) TO THE POINT OF DEATH!