Monday, September 20, 2010


Today is the day my new life begins.

Last week was a week of struggle and all that. I have been through a lot of sickness already, even worst than last week. I went home last week and stayed at home since Tuesday until Sunday. I was in front of the television the whole time. My Mama had to go to the office. My sister also worked. My two younger siblings were not also at home; they attended their classes. So, I was left alone at home from Tuesday till Friday, and I was in front of the television the whole time.

It was I guess on Wednesday that I happen to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy that I was really moved. I watched an episode wherein a bunch of graduating college students had a car accident. There were eight of them. Only three made it; the rest died due to complications of the wounds that they got from the accident.

It was supposed to be their graduation day, and they were on their way to the graduation program when the accident happened. Worst, their class valedictorian was with them, and she was in a critical condition that she could not even move her body and was (base on what I saw) paralyzed because she could not feel that the doctor was already touching her leg.

The class valedictorian really panicked. She was so anxious to attend the graduation ceremony because she was supposed to give a speech that day. She was in a total panic and kept on repeating that she had to be at the graduation ceremony and that she had a speech to give. The doctor really pitied her and just kept on listening to whatever she had to say while doing the best that he could to save his patient. Later, the doctor just asked the college girl to just give her speech, and he will just listen while doing his job. The doctor listened to her speech.

Later that day, the doctor was so damned eager to save the life of that college girl that he cried so hard. He really pitied her. He saw how determined that girl was to be at her graduation. He saw the same eagerness he saw in the eyes of his girlfriend to be healed from her disease. His girlfriend who also used to work in that same hospital was now confined there as a patient.

With all of the cancer thingy and the accident, it just came up to me that we can not really predict what might happen next; thus, we have to enjoy every second of our lives. We have to savor everything that happens. That college girl said that what she did all her life was study, study, and study. She turned down every offer of fun by her classmates. She told herself that she will do everything she wants to do when she graduates, but see what happened? She ended up being paralyzed. How can she do the things that she wants to do now?

Thus, starting today, I'm gonna do whatever it is that i want to do...with care, of course. I will do just what is expected of a true citizen to do for her country.

"Today is the day my life begins. All my life, I've been just me, just an avid reader and writer of who-knows-what. Today, I become a lady. Today, I become a daughter.
Today, I become a citizen.Today, I become accountable to someone other than myself. Today, I become accountable to my family, to our all the possibilities that life has to offer. Together, whatever happens, i"ll be ready for anything, for everything... to take on take on love, to take on a possibility and responsibility. Today, I'm gonna love life and live it well...because the beginning."

This post is inspired by Grey's Anatomy Season 5.

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