Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love to be home

I miss home again although it has only been three days since I left it.

It is true that nothing can ever provide the comfort that home brings to anyone. Just last weekend, I went home from Dumaguete City, and when we had our dinner on a Sunday night, it just occurred to me that I still didn't want to go back in the city.

When I announced it over dinner, Mama was so supportive that she managed to say, "You can stay here as long as you want. Indi anay magbalik a." As much as I wanted to utter happiness and to celebrate for my supportive mother's remark, I couldn't. I wanted to stay at home (as in for a long time), but i could not escape the fact that I have subjects to attend to. I want to pass everything now, so I would get my diploma this march.

So, bisan pa naghambal si Mama nga pwede ko kapadugay sa balay, di gid japon pwede. I needed to go back in the city to pass all my remaining subjects. Antus lang anay, lapit na lang gid.

Hahays...I miss home already...AGAIN!

This is the new interior design at home. Talented gid si Mama a.


rol'z said...

..kala ko it's only a picture from the internet na imung gikuha kag jud xa te nadz...

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

chareng! nice kayong ilonggo bai! ganahan ko.. hehe:) hi ate nadz!

nAdz_aPpLe said...

@rolinzky: hahaha..balay na namo dai..

nAdz_aPpLe said...

@lycel: haha,.. pagkat-on nya..magpatutor ka? 50 per hour ra sa akua.*LOL*