Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's nice seeing you again

I love you.

I wanted to tell you this when, after four long years of not seeing each other, I met you just one and a half weeks ago. I just didn't know how to though.

Well, I found out from one of your social network accounts that you already have a special someone. I could really tell that you love each other, although I haven't met her yet. I didn't feel any kind of regret or something like that when I first knew about it. Pain? Well, maybe. I don't know.

I've treasured you for nine years now, and I'm still counting. (Haha). Funny, but true. It's been nine years, yes. I just don't how I couldn't let go of you no matter how hard I try. Or am I really trying? I don't know. Perhaps, yes. I've tried turning my attention to other guys, you know, but I guess it just won't work out. For how many times I've asked for God's intervention, so I would no longer feel this feeling towards you, but still nothing happened.

The feeling is still here...stuck inside me.

I wanted to write here that I was happy when I saw your photos with her, but I guess that would mean hypocrisy. I wasn't happy, honestly. When I saw the photos, I felt something cold touched me in my heart, and it was painful, as in really painful.
I'm not the type who cries over or gets haywired with this kind of stuff. Although I am hurt, I haven't cried a single tear, and I haven't been hysterical about it. At least, I haven't YET. I hope I won't.

Whew! I just want to shout at the moment, yet I haven't found the right place to shout at. I hope I can find one. Maybe, it will help. I mean, shouting...I hope it will help.
Again, I love you. I want to tell you this. Not now, maybe someday when we meet again. And when that someday comes, I hope to hear the same line from you.


optimistic dora said...

hah? nganu ni nadine hah? pasabta ko, nganung ga-love2x ka dra? hehehe... chikka ta anih tomorrow, hahaha,hmmn...

nAdz_aPpLe said...

Char! judi an na..giyupak na ko.. okay na bitaw. hahaha

optimistic dora said...

so, gi-yopak naka's gugma? hahaha...

nAdz_aPpLe said...

giyupak na jud! hahaha..sagdai ra ai.