Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Point of information

Never in my entire life have i imagined that i would enjoy such an activity; i just found out that somehow in my whole being i have longed to witness something like that from the very beginning to the very end. How I love to witness another British parliamentary debate!

I had a lot of fun witnessing the first ever Inter-collegiate British Parliamentary Debate in Negros Oriental State University last Monday and Tuesday. It was very enjoyable to watch some students as the scribble through their paper and write any point of information that would contradict to the ideas of their competitors.

Hayz.. i totally loved the exchange of ideas...and most especially, he heated conversation between the two teams--the government and the opposition. "Sit down", "Later!", and "Later, please!" were just some of the words that the speaker said to their opponents whenever the latter would raise their hand and stand up just to point out an information on what they think is to be contradicted in the speaker's words.

I would love to witness another debate competition. it so totally awakens the excitement in me. Point of information: I hope another debate competition will soon follow, so I can satisfy my need to witness another one.