Friday, December 18, 2009

wala ra

I am supposed to post here my farewell message for Noriel and Arianne Ross, but i just realized: why do i need to say my farewell for them when we will still see each other anyways?

Well, i haven't posted anything here for more than a month now. During those times, I was busy with some stuffs. During those times, I missed the both of them. i wish all of us here in the student publication need not to leave once we get to enter its door.

But then again, perhaps that's just how life is. Nothing remains constant in this world--even the date changes and even time...even the earth revolves. So, CHANGE is just meant to happen.

Yes! I guess change is very constant, especially when we talk about time. Hahayz...I need to stop blogging now 'cause we are about to go and continue with our outreach program. I'll make another post later. Bye for now!